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Cold World Web Series won Most Influential Web Series" 2017

Passion, Love & Loyalty


How Far Would You Go To Prove Loyalty? #ColdWorldWebSeries #CWWS 

2 Seasons Available 

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Urban Web Series Award Winner:

Best Theme Song "Rotten Apple" by

Blue Legacy & Hop

Cold World Web Series "The Movie"

 This website had been updated and dedicated to everything related to the making of the movie. We are grateful for your support for the past 2 seasons and are looking to add new actors to the team. If you can bring an exciting factor to Focused Minds Productions, we encourage you to try out! First step, click the link below for further details. Good luck!

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Thank you for your interest in Cold World Web Series. If you're submitting your material to Focused Minds Productions, a $20 NON-REFUNDABLE payment must be made in order to be considered for 3 tracks submitted not per email!

Please include the email used to make a payment when submitting your music! 

- MP3 Format ONLY

- Complete Metadata

- Contact Information

- Social Media Handles

- Original Material ONLY 

   (mixed & mastered)

PayPal email is 


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All your favorite songs from featured artist from Season 1 & 2 on SoundCloud! 

Song by Blue Legacy & Hop

Produced by Tony Tone