Creator, Writer, Producer, Director, Actress  & Mastermind of of Cold World Web Series (CWWS). 

Better known as Brownie Babii. 

Born Natasha Brown on January 18th, in Jamaica, Queens. She was always a creative being. From using her Barbie and Cabbage Patch Kids dolls as props to always being a leader among her peers. As a child, Natasha struggled with abandonment, trust, anger issue and was labeled the black sheep of the family. In her teenage years, "Tasha" attended multiple high schools in the South Jamaica Queens area. After being expelled, she opted to get her GED and passed with flying colors.  Coming from a close knit family, her mother, brother and grandmother didn't give up on her, instead helped find her true passion. With inspiration from her cousin, she was encouraged to go to cosmetology school to perfect a trade in business. Natasha's perspective on life truly changed when she became a mother to a beautiful baby girl in 2008. Even though her marriage was a failure at an early age, her daughter and life obstacles, sparked inspiration. Her previous views in this world was cold so it was befitting to name her writings just that. Brownie was born. She began tapping into writing and shunning the world out to release aggression. Becoming indulged in photography, life became more colorful. Painting became therapy which eliminated the pain. Eventually, Brownie went back to further her education while having a new born, making the Deans List with a GPA of 3.8.  

Brownie is definitely a smart woman who is ambitious and can adapt to any situation or surrounding. Her spirituality gave a better sense of self identity. 

Brownie rarely followed the norm as a child & was determined to break barriers in a male-dominated industry of entertainment. Being motivated by some of the greats such as Missy Elliot, Oprah, Whitney Houston, Gabrielle Union, Larenz Tate and others, music & acting became her life. 

Amongst peers, Brownie is described to be a multi-talented visionary, go-getter,  sexy "tomboy", ambitious, innovative, outspoken, misunderstood, very direct, lovable, funny, sporadic, considerate, artistic and influential person who finds inspiration in herself and others.  

Being the creator of CWWS, it is evident that she's is a genius in her own right. Now that Brownie Babii has made a mark internationally through her YouTube channel, she's ready hit new plateaus moving forward. CWWS is her baby project which it allowed Brownie's dream to become reality. 

Brownie has been called the Shonda Rhimes of web series by a fan through email. The motivation from her supporters helped her break through some of the hardest and darkest hours in life. While she has a lot more growing to do, she is working on a daily basis to become better for herself and others. 

Now that season 2 is complete, all eyes are focused on Cold World Web Series, The Movie!! 

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Please be patient with this process. 

Brownie is currently in the process of creating new series behind the scenes along with sitcoms, movies and more! She has been chosen to write for other projects that are set to hit the market soon.  

"Looking to work with me with creating your project? I'm a team player and I'm open to writing for others as well." 

"I would like to thank my administration team for making my 2nd season a complete success!" 

-Brownie Babii 

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